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How to Stick to Your Goals, Even When You’re Sick? – No More Excuses!!


I started the year strong for about 5 days before getting sick? and losing nearly 2 weeks. However, I cannot give up on my goals and neither can you! Find out why you don’t have to give up if you’ve already had a bad day or become sick this year. You can still achieve your …

Staying on Track with Goals & New Year’s Resolutions

Define Your Reasons

I know, I know, everybody who’s anybody is doing a post, video or podcast about New Year’s resolutions and goals right now. I promise….well, I hope, I have a different insight. I am not trying to regurgitate the ten tips you always hear when it comes to keeping your resolution or goals. If you’re stuck, …

Proof Getting Up Early Makes a Huge Difference


I have read over and over again, “If you want to be more productive, wake up earlier.” Many productivity experts believe you should get up before 6am and you’ll get more done before most people start working than the average person will get done every single day. I have been on both ends of this …