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Everyman Sleep Experiment Video #2 – Discovering Alternative Sleep


This is video #2 on the Everyman Sleep experiment I am doing. Find out how it’s going and what I did when I got sick! I talk about some of the adjustments I have had to make and how hard it is to change sleep schedules when you’re sick.

What’s Distracting You from The Important Stuff? – Top Distractions You Must Conquer Today!


Find out about the biggest distractions keeping you from finishing your projects. I’ll cover some of the biggies in this video! I did a blog post about distractions, as well. Make sure to check it out here: Top 10 Distractions Making You Less Productive.

How to Stick to Your Goals, Even When You’re Sick? – No More Excuses!!


I started the year strong for about 5 days before getting sick? and losing nearly 2 weeks. However, I cannot give up on my goals and neither can you! Find out why you don’t have to give up if you’ve already had a bad day or become sick this year. You can still achieve your …

Vegan Budget Challenge #3 – Organic Vegan Eating on a Budget


The third installment of the Vegan Budget Challenge where I talk about how I eat as an organic vegan on a budget. My post, How to go Vegan on a Budget has more information and tips to help you go vegan on a budget. You can also follow along with my experiment as I detail …

Everyman Sleep Experiment Video #1 – Adjusted Schedule/Incubation Period


I recently started a sleep experiment based on the Everyman sleep schedule. I have made my own adjustments and will be detailing the experiment in a series of videos on YouTube. My goal is to find a few more hours in each day for productivity and fun things I enjoy. I am also very fascinated …

Why I became a Vegan – My Vegan Journey & Reasons for Becoming a Plant-Based Vegan


Find out EXACTLY why I chose to become a vegan. I am an Organic Vegan and I try to eat on a budget. I believe it takes more than just one reason to become a Vegan or to make any big change in your life, especially when it comes to food. I went Vegan for …

Vegan Budget Challenge #2 – Organic Vegan Eating on a Budget


The second video in my series on How to go Vegan on a Budget, this video covers a bit more of the challenge and what I buy and eat. I am mainly an Organic vegan eating man, so it’s a bit harder to live on a tight budget, but I make it work. Make sure …

Vegan Budget Challenge Video #1 – Organic Vegan Eating on a Budget


I have started a vegan budget challenge. This means, I will be trying to eat a vegan diet on just $5 per day. Keep in mind, I eat a plant-based, organic, non-gmo diet, so it’s not just filled with cheap garbage. It’s easy to easy cheap as a vegan if you don’t eat healthy. However, …

Introduction to my NEW YouTube Channel: Plant-Based Productivity TV

First video I have ever done for YouTube and I know, it’s not the best. However, I am learning and even the videos I am shooting right now are starting to come together better. This is the intro video for my channel, where I will take what I blog about and try to make it …